Volume 3 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : Jan-June (2019) Article No : 120
Mandal KC, Kumar R, Halder P, et al.

Background/Purpose: Mesenteric and omental cysts are rare intraabdominal lesion in pediatric population. They have a diverse clinical presentation, etiology,radiological features and pathological characteristics. However, surgical outcomesimproved with invent of intensive care unit, integrated pediatric anesthesia and laparoscopic surgery. Objective of this article is to share our experience with a variety of mesenteric cysts which were managed successfully in our institution. Material and Methods:17 children with mesenteric cysts who received treatment in our institution over a period of 7 year (January 2009 to December 2016) were included in this study. Data regarding patient’s demographics, clinical behavior, investigations, operative procedures, perioperative complications, operative outcome and follow-up protocol were collected from clinical registry book of our institution. All parameter are tabulated and analysed accordingly in order to detect the factors influencing the outcome. Results: Seventeen children with a median age of 23 months (range 1 month to 60 months) were included in this study. All patients were assessed preoperatively by clinical sign, routine blood examination and Ultrasonography. Preoperative diagnosis of mesenteric cyst was made by USG in 7 cases. Contrast enhanced computed tomography was needed in 10 cases to clear out the preoperative diagnostic dilemma. Laparotomy followed by complete excision of cyst was done in 14 cases. Three cases underwent laparoscopic intervention out of which complete excision of cyst was done in 1 case; partial excision and marsupialisation were done in two cases. Redo surgery was needed in one case who initially managed by laparoscopic marsupialisation. There was no mortality in our series. Conclusion: Mesenteric cysts are commonly located in jejuno-ileal mesentery. Preoperative definite diagnosis by imaging is of paramount importance for proper surgical planning. Complete excision of cyst with or without intestinal resection is the optimum treatment.

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