Volume 3 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : Jan-June (2019) Article No : 121
Baydik Olga D, Sysolyatin Pavel G, Vilikotskiy A

Objective: Compare the cleaning efficiency of toothbrushes with a conical and rounded bristle shape. To evaluate efficacy and safety of two toothbrushes «Biomed Black» and «Biomed Silver» during tooth brushing. Methods: Open-label single-center comparative randomized clinical study in two parallel groups. 52 volunteers at the age of 18 to 65 years participated in the research. The assessment of efficacy was measured by Green-Vermillion and Navy indices. Safety was tested by frequency and severity of side effects. Results: Toothbrushes «Biomed Black» and «Biomed Silver» showed significant decrease in the amount of dental plaque after 30 seconds of brushing. Also, toothbrushes showed prolonged action of cleaning effect. During the research no side effects were observed in any of volunteers. Conclusion: The results of the comparison of two toothbrushes with a conical shape of bristles and a cone-shaped one did not reveal any significant advantages of one of them. Both toothbrushes have good cleansing properties and prolonged action. Clinical relevance: There are no reliable studies on the effect of the bristle shape of toothbrushes on the efficacy and safety of cleansing, as well as on the formation of dental plaque after brushing.

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